Discover How to Leverage Transformational Leadership Techniques Into Tangible Results For Your Business By Not Just “Telling” Employees About New Changes…

But By Helping Them Get to That “Aha Moment” Where They Truly Understand, Embrace, and Ultimately Help Implement the Changes Necessary For Your Organization to Thrive in Today’s Competitive Economy!

Introducing Transformational Leadership


  • How To Help Employees Reach That “Aha Moment”: Once employees reach that “Aha Moment”—they don’t just understand what needs to change—but they finally understand why the organizational change is necessary to their own well-being.  Prior to this “Aha Moment”, most employees will actually fear the organizational change and thus resist implementation efforts.
  • How to “Transform”—Not Just Inform—Your Workforce: Transformational leadership strategies go beyond merely telling employees about a new change and instead focuses on engaging them so that they learn, accept, and actually implement the organizational changes necessary to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.
  • Avoiding the “Warm and Fuzzy” Trap: Most organizational leadership strategies are tested with employee surveys to determine effectiveness—but these surveys can only provide a subjective, “warm and fuzzy” approximation of how employees “feel” about the change!  Transformational Leadership teaches how to quickly test and measure strategies to ensure they are engaging with employees so you can avoid the “Warm and Fuzzy” trap and stay focused towards achieving desired business outcomes!

Transformational Leadership isn’t Just the Latest Industry “Buzzword”—It’s The Key to 21st Century Business Success!

Let’s Just Be Honest: The days of simply “giving the troops a pep-talk” or implementing new company policies via e-mails or special meetings are over—period.

But with the economy still in limbo and company’s needing to do absolutely anything and everything to survive—sweeping, high-impact organizational changes are VITAL.  Unfortunately, most change management strategies emphasize the use of communication tools—like emails, newsletters, etc.—to help implement the organizational changes necessary to help their company’s change…

Which is Precisely Why Most Employees “Just Don’t Get It”!

There is a VAST DIFFERENCE between providing information about new organizational changes and EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT—which actually gets the employees involved in the entire process to help make the changes happen.

The simple fact is that people inherently resist change—UNLESS they KNOW the change is in their best interest. And when it comes to employees and new organizational changes—the resistance is often very high because the assumption is (and correctly so in some cases) that the change is NOT in their best interest.

This is why simply informing employees about new changes (be it a merger, new product, new service delivery model, etc.) is not sufficient to engage them into actually implementing those changes to their full potential.

But the changes will never be fully implemented to their full potential and the organization will struggle until it finally has the full support of their employees—and that is ONLY possible…

Once They Reach That “Aha Moment”

Think back to a really difficult algebra problem you tried to do for homework but couldn’t “get it”. Then, even after the teacher “showed” you how to do the problem and you knew the answer—you still just didn’t “get it”. So on the test, when a similar problem came along—you still missed it.

And you would continue missing that problem and those like it until you finally have that “Aha Moment” when you FINALLY understand WHY. You can tell someone HOW to do something a million times but its not until they understand the WHY that they can finally understand, internalize, and implement the lesson.

The very same is true in any business: The leadership can communicate what they want the employees to know a million times in a million different formats—but they will NEVER GET THE TANGIBLE BENEFITS of the change until the employees become ENGAGED and finally understand WHY the changes are needed and specifically WHY they ultimately benefit the entire organization—including themselves!

But Transformational Leadership Provides You With a Step-by-Step System For Engaging Employees In Organizational Change, Including:

  1. Identify Desired Business Outcomes: Includes mergers, new product launches, new service delivery models, new processes, new equipment or IT systems, etc.
  2. Uncover True Employee Sentiment About Proposed Change: To uncover TRUE employee sentiment, you need to implement a new approach to research other than questionnaires to directly involve them in the process.
  3. Identify The Paradigm That Needs To Change For Employees To Finally Understand the “Why”: Employees can’t have that Aha Moment until they understand the Why behind the proposed organizational change.
  4. Identify and Implement Best Strategy: Once you understand what is preventing team members from fully understanding the Why—you then need to identify the best strategy for overcoming this obstacle.

And Most Importantly:

Step 5: Testing To Make Sure It’s All Worked and Everyone is Fully Engaged!

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is: Has there been real organizational change that is leading to the desired business outcomes everyone wants?

Unfortunately, most employee engagement strategies never even test or measure the ACTUAL impact those strategies are having on REAL business outcomes. Instead, employees might be asked to fill out simplistic surveys asking if they can recall the key messages or whether they “felt” management was doing a good job in communicating the new organizational changes…

I mean honestly—does it really matter?  Of course not!  All we really want to know is if the leadership styles are actually engaging employees to embrace and help implement the new organizational changes and helping attain desired business outcomes—forget about the subjective “wishy-washy” surveys that don’t really tell you anything.

Transformational Leadership shows you precisely how to test and measure to ensure your strategies are engaging employees to produce your organization’s desired business outcomes—with results you can see in black and white!

Transformational Leadership is Your Key to 21st Century Business Success!

  • Develop a Laser-Focused Workforce!
  • Implement Organizational Change Faster and More Effectively!
  • Connect To Your Team At All Levels of Organization!
  • All Strategies Can Be Implemented In-House at No Additional Cost!
  • No Additional Investment in Online Tools or Materials Required!
  • Strategies Can Be Applied In ANY Industry or Government Department!
  • Finally Leverage the TRUE Potential of Your Team!

Marcia Xenitelis

Author and Creator of Transformational

Marcia Xenitelis is the Director of Communication at Work, a Change Management consulting firm specializing in the areas of Transformational Leadership and Communication. Marcia has already written hundreds of articles, white papers, and reports on change management topics including both Transformational Leadership and Organizational Management.

Marcia’s ground-breaking books and manuals in the field of organizational management have been sold to Fortune 500 companies, world-renowned Universities, and 1,000’s of businesses all around the globe. Her transformational leadership and change management strategy implemented at one of Australia’s leading financial companies is now published as a case study of excellence.

Marcia is a past president of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Victorian chapter, and former IABC Asia/Pacific board member.

Transformational Leadership isn’t just some long-winded “textbook” filled with useless theories or endless examples of other “successful transformational leaders”. This powerful resource is specifically designed to help you achieve maximum leadership effectiveness by teaching you the strategies that will help your unique organization and engage employees in a step-by-step process that finally unlocks the TRUE POTENTIAL of your entire organization!

Transformation Leadership
is the only resource on the market today specifically dedicated to achieving full employee engagement for organizational change via transformational leadership strategies.

Marcia is the leader in transformational leadership strategies that engage employees…her ideas about the difference between leaders who engage employees rather than simply  inform are ground breaking in this field…a must have for anyone involved in leadership…”

Ms Emilia Gallo, Managing Director
Excel Global Consulting
Hong Kong

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Transformational Leadership Includes the Tools, Strategies, and Step-by-Step Solutions You Need to Implement Organizational Changes That Finally Leverages the TRUE POTENTIAL Of Your Entire Team!

Transformational Leadership Includes:
  • Discover What Essential Components of Business Strategy You MUST Communicate to Engage Employees!

  • Learn How to Select the Most Effective Communication Media To Fully Engage Employees in the Organizational Change!

  • Understand How Leadership Styles Affect Communication and Overall Engagement of Other Team Members

  • The “Aha Moment” And What it REALLY Means to the Overall Success of Your Organizational Management Strategies!

  • How To Determine AND Measure the REAL IMPACT of Transformational Leadership Strategies

  • Research Techniques To Help You Dial-In the Most Effective Strategies!

  • Learn How to Analyze Competitors and Use that Information to Boost Your Own Efforts!

  • Discover How To Set New Marketing Objectives That Help Facilitate Organizational Change Faster and More Completely!

  • And Much, Much More!

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But at just $37, Transformational Leadership is specifically designed to help focus employees on the same objectives and organizational vision as the leaders to create a fully supportive workforce capable of not just surviving—but thriving—in today’s competitive marketplace!

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HURRY—don’t sit on that fence too long! Transformational leadership is more vital than ever in today’s ultra-competitive global marketplace.

The true need for organizational change—or the ability to adapt—has never been greater in today’s competitive marketplace. Last year’s big product may become this year’s big flop. A service model that may have functioned perfectly for 10 years may suddenly prove ineffective.

The point is: Organizational change is absolutely vital to the survival of any business but you need transformational leadership to fully engage all members to fully learn, accept, and implement those changes. Otherwise, the objectives and projected business outcomes will suffer along with the overall customer experience because the entire team is not behind the organizational change.

Remember: People are naturally resistant of change which is precisely why you need leadership communication strategies to help employees reach that “Aha Moment” when they finally understand how
the changes are not only in the best interest of the company—but in their own best interest as well. It is only after employees reach this “Aha Moment” that can truly become engaged with the organizational management strategies and help implement the proposed changes.

And To Ensure You Have ALL The Tools You Need to Help Your Employees Reach That “Aha Moment”, The First 50 Who Order This Month Will Also Receive My
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Supplemental Bonus #1: Understanding Leadership Communication and the Business Strategy

Having a great business strategy is honestly the easy part—it’s translating and relating those strategies to your team members so that they embrace and actually implement them that’s the tricky part. Understanding Leadership Communication and the Business Strategy is your vital link between business strategy and the employee engagement necessary to successfully meet organizational objectives and will truly help you become a Leader among Leaders!

Supplemental Bonus #2: Tools and Techniques to Identify Specific Business Data to Include in Your Leadership Communication

I know it sounds like a mouthful but understanding how to identify the specific business issues that impact team dynamics and are most likely to engage employees is VITAL to any successful organizational management. This invaluable resource helps highlight the importance of focus group research and how to use it to uncover the business issues most likely to engage employees in the process of organizational change.

Both of these powerful resources have a combined retail value of $49.99 but they are yours ABSOLUTELY FREE just for being one of the first 50 to order Transformational Leadership this month—so don’t delay!

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Results or Refund” 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Change management can be a very difficult discipline because it can be so very difficult to empirically measure how each member of the organization is embracing and helping to im plement the changes.

This is precisely why Transformational Leadership includes the tools and information you need to empirically measure how successful you have been in engaging employees in the process of change and reaching desired business outcomes—so you KNOW whether its working or not!

The “Results or Refund” 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is very simple:

Just read and implement the strategies in Transformational Leadership—and if you don’t see tangible results and genuine employee engagement or if you are dissatisfied for any reason at all—then you have 30 days to request a full, zero hassle refund of your investment. You either get results or you get a full refund—simple as that.

But Hurry—The Competition Doesn’t Sleep…

Successful implementation of Transformational Leadership strategies are already the difference between companies that are surviving right now—and those that are THRIVING right now.

Its simple: Leaders that can fully leverage the TRUE POTENTIAL of their team members and fully engage them in organizational changes ultimately operate more productive, efficient, and profitable businesses—period.

Today’s leaders need to think beyond merely telling team members about new changes and start learning how to fully engage employees in the process of organizational change and that’s what Transformational Leadership is 100% guaranteed to do—or your money back!

To Your Success,

Marcia Xenitelis
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Author, Transformational Leadership
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P.S.Remember: Change is VITAL to business success but humans are naturally resistant to change—Transformational Leadership is your key to leveraging the TRUE POTENTIAL of your team by helping them to learn, accept, and implement the changes necessary to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace—so ORDER NOW!!

P.P.S.: ONLY the first 50 to orderTransformational Leadership for the introductory price of just $37 will also receive the Supplemental Pack valued at $49.99 ABSOLUTELY FREE—so ORDER NOW!!

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